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Affiliate Marketing is so easy with yoonla. Just registration and follow up expert director!I was looking out for some legit online money making opportunities on the web and encountered a new website referred to me on an online forum. The website name was Yoonla CPA Foundation. So I signed up for it and to my amazement, the whole system is so friendly that you can get started and start making money within just one day. Keeping all of this in view, I decided to write a complete Yoonla Review in order help out you guys if it’s a legit money making opportunity or not. Earn up to $4 per member lead.
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Once satisfied, I signed up for it and It’s been about couple of months since I joined this website and this below is the experience that I’ve had till yet. In fact, this article is a Yoonla Review that I’m sure you guys will find helpful to decide if it’s a legitimate income opportunity or a scam.

What can you learn?

>How to create a successful internet-centric business
>Select the product and select the necessary tools.
>Prepare strategic camping
>Creating Custom Landing Pages (Optin Page) and Marketing Funnel
>Take the most strategic / effective steps in marketing
>Find out a custom domain and connect it with funnel and autoresponder
>Add custom funnel to affiliate offer
>Drive your campaign traffic and start earning commissions
>How to bring your site visitors with money or free.
>How to Create an Interesting Website'
>With traffic – much more ..

To begin this course you only have to register on their site. Which is very simple. If you only know how to post on Facebook or create a Facebook account, it will not be difficult for you to do this. Yet how to register.
About Yoonla and Yoonla and Yoonla Marketing
What Yoonla is All About
Yoonla basically is a two tiered CPA based affiliate program where you make money once any one of the two actions are performed. 1. Any person signs up for Yoonla (using your affiliate link) 2. Person upgrades to VIP member So this is what two tiered means when it comes to Yoonla. You earn commission when the user signs up for the program as well as when your referral upgrades and becomes a VIP member. Before going into the details of this program, let’s talk about who actually is the owner or creator of this program.

Who is the founder of Yoonla?
The founder of Yoonla is Reno Van Boven. From New Zealand, he is a seasoned Digital Entrepreneur and and internet marketeer with quite a few successful online marketing projects under his belt since 2006. Reno Van Boven – Digital Entrepreneur/Business Coach

How Yoonla works?
As stated above, it’s very simple, you have to sign up for Yoonla and become its member. Once done, you will be provided with an affiliate link to promote Yoonla. Now, if any person signs up using your affiliate link, you will bag commission for every successful sign up. If the same person decides to upgrade and becomes a VIP member, you will earn further commission. Straight and simple. This website pays you up to $30 per VIP member Click here

Is there any cost of joining Yoonla?
Nope. Not at all. But stay with me here. There is some investments that you will have to most likely make in order to reap the maximum benefits of this program. So what are the benefits? I’ll mention below. So keep reading.

Is there any more to it?
So in addition to signing up and then convincing others to sign up, is there any more to this Yoonla program? There should be otherwise it does not seem to be such a great affiliate program. Right? (Read how you can monetize your blog with this great affiliate marketing platform) Well, you see, the very essence and the best advantage of signing up for Yoonla is that this platform proves to be a great starting point in your online money making world. If anything that can be considered priceless in any business it surely must be your leads. Without them, it is hard to thrive and succeed and when it comes to the online world, these leads come in the form of email addresses. So the best thing about Yoonla is that it provides series of training videos to get started and tells you how you can capture new leads. That’s not it. Yoonla also provides you with 3 digital products to promote so that it becomes easier for you to get the email addresses of the visitors. Of course, people are more likely to give their email addresses when you offer them something in return and Yoonla takes care of your part of the bargain by giving away 3 digital products about marketing. Yoonla Digital Products And this is exactly where you will have to take out your credit cards and invest some of your money. Yoonla will ask you to sign up for domain, web hosting and an auto-responder. Once done, you will have to hand over the credentials to the Yoonla team who will set the whole thing up and place their products on your web hosting. So you cannot regard this cash outflow as an expense. In fact it’s a genuine investment which is going to benefit you not only for Yoonla but any other endeavors as well. One important thing to understand is that, “there’s no free lunch”. If you want to make money, you will have to spend money. That’s the basic rule and the sooner you understand the better it is. If you are looking forward to make a career in affiliate marketing and on the internet then there are certain investments that you will have to make and when it comes to Yoonla, the investment is not that much.

How much do you need to spend to get started with Yoonla?
Again, to get started, you need to invest nothing. The investment only needs to be made if you want to be more effective. So the total investment that you need to make can be sum up as follows: 1. Domain = USD $15.00 per year 2. Web Hosting = USD $1.99/month (but this is subject to change) 3. Get Response Auto Responder = USD $15.00/month Let’s suppose you buy a domain and web hosting for a year and sign up for Get Response to pay on monthly basis. In yearly terms, your total investment will be: $15.00 + $23.88 ($1.99 x 12 months) + $180 ($15.00 x 12) = $218.88 If you divide them with 12 months, your monthly investment will be: $218.88 / 12 months = $18.24 That’s not much. Right? Especially when you see the benefits that you will get in return.

How much commission do you make per lead/referral?
The amount of commission depends on the country from which you are getting your leads to sign up. In Yoonla there are 3 categories. Countries with zero (0) commission 1. India 2. Pakistan 3. Nigeria 4. Zambia 5. Zimbabwe 6. Niger 7. Uganda The above countries will not generate any CPA lead commissions however, this does not mean that you cannot become a member if you are from one of these countries. You surely can. Secondly, you will get commission if the person from any of these countries sign up and become VIP. Countries with maximum ($4) commission 1. USA 2. UK 3. Australia 4. New Zealand 5. Canada 6. Ireland Countries with moderate ($2) commission Any country which is not in the above two lists will generate you around $2 per member lead. Having mentioned all of the details about the Yoonla program, I’m sure there must be a million dollar question tingling in your mind and that’s:

Though this Yoonla Review is not about how Yoonla makes money but rather how we can make money using Yoonla, but I get it. We humans are curious beings. We take interest in other’s lives, how they live, what they eat, when do they sleep etc. This give us pleasure. And the urge to know the answer grows by many folds when the entity is affecting our lives as well so here we go, here’s how Yoonla makes money. First, the web hosting and Get Response auto responder that I mentioned above, yoonla provides a link to them. So when you sign up for these services using their links, Yoonla makes money in return. Second, if any referral or member upgrades to VIP, Yoonla makes money. I think that’s quite obvious. Yoonla VIP program values around $297 USD. So you can do the maths. Third, though this benefit is non-monetary but I think I cannot stress the importance of leads enough. So whenever a person becomes a member of Yoonla, gets the lead in form of email address. This contact information can come in handy for other products that Reno might want to commercialize. So the value of this cannot be estimated in absolute terms. So here are the 3 ways (at least that I know of) from which Yoonla makes money.

$50. After a particular cycle when all the leads are evaluated for their legitimacy, commissions are credited to one’s account. Yoonla currently pays only through Paypal but soon they will be utilizing other payment methods as well. Read Review of CB Passive Income 4.0 by Patric Chan

Since this post already too long, I should better end it. but before doing so, I’d like to appreciate Reno (Yoonla) for one thing. As said at the beginning of the article, I’ve seen many affiliate programs and majority of them guarantees you to make you rich over night and try to convince you of that by posing and taking pictures with bikini clad women, in front of sports cars or from some 5-star Las Vegas hotel. I’ve seen this happening too many times that this has become more or less a cliche for an online money making programs. However, when it comes to Reno or Yoonla, they don’t guarantee any such thing nor display any such enticing photos to lure and rightfully so as the success and failure depends on your determination and how much you make from promoting Yoonla, depends largely on your PR. Any platform is there to just guide you and is as good as your will power and determination to move forward and keep going no matter what. So if you are really convinced from the Yoonla CPA program, go ahead and sign up by clicking here. IT REALLY IS A LEGIT PROGRAM.
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