5 Funniest FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Outfits

Funniest FIFA Outfits- As we know that the world’s greatest football championship is already in its second week, the fever is more and more overwhelming with every passing match. FIFA World Cup 2018, which is currently happening in Russi, a is being viewed by fans from all over the world and the football lovers are trying their best to stand out in the crowd through their clothing and other accessories.

Fans from all over the world, like Spain, Austrailia and USA are showing their support for their respective teams in an astonishing and unique way.

The spectators are expressing their joy through their super crazy and funky outfits giving away their excitement towards the world cup in the best way.

Funniest Outfits Seen at FIFA 2018

FIFA outfits, this year, are more like ‘the funnier, the better’ and here we have made sure to inculcate the funniest looks from the stadium. Believe me, this article is going to refresh your mood and will give you some of the craziest ideas to dress up for a sports tournament. The game is no more limited to the players only, but the fans are playing their part in making it even more interesting.

1- Russian Fan’s Unique Attire

During Russia’s match against Saudi Arabia, held on the 14th of June, a gorgeous Russian lady was seen wearing a super funky bright red crown, just like the shades of the Russian flag in order to show her support towards her team. The crown was embellished with pearls and stones along with intricate gold embroidery making her stand out in the crowd.


  2- Cute yet Funny South Korean Fans

Two of the South Korean fan girls were seen encouraging the South Korean team in red tees and devil horns. The horns were standing out in the public highlighting their support for the team. Also, the girls got Korea painted on their cheeks and looking super cute.

3- A Lovely Gesture by Japanese Fans

During their tournament with Colombia, the Japanese fans made sure to flaunt their support for their respective team in the craziest style. The Japanese soccer lovers wore football outfits with faces painted as white and their noses as red. The sight was quite amusing and cute at the same time. Here are 20 Most Hottest Spectator Girls at FIFA 2018.

ADVERTISEMENT 4-Brazilian Fan in Pirate Attire

Fans of Brazilian team were seen cheering their team up in Saint Petersburg stadium at Russia on 2nd of July. One of the fans was wearing a pirate hat along with funky shades and the Brazilian flag tied along his back. Also, he was holding a cardboard trophy to raise the team’s spirits.


  5- Glittery German Fan

A German girl fan painted half of her face with the colors of the German flag to show support towards her team during a match between Sweden and Germany. However, it was the glitter on top of it which caught the sight of the cameraman. The sparkle was definitely funky and catchy among the public.

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