Native Advertising Can Make You A Super Affiliate With Push Notification Technology

Did you know that your advertising accounts with giant companies like Facebook and Google are constantly in limbo and potentially in threat of being terminated? It’s true, and what makes matters worse is that it doesn’t even matter that you’re following all of their rules (even though they constantly change on a regular basis) there is still a huge risk that your next paid-ad could lead to a permanent account ban!

Why does this happen? The answer is just as complex as it is simple. These guys just don’t care to work with affiliates like you and I, at least not on the  same level as some of the fantastic alternatives available to you, alternatives such as MGID native ads network.
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Don’t get me wrong…
I’m not insisting that the big fish are out to get you or that they don’t care at all about your business, they care as much as they have to. Wouldn’t you rather run your advertisements on a trusted network and not have to wonder if your account will still be there when you wake up though? I know I sure would, which is why we’re going to dive into more detail about one particular network, MGID.

What is MGID & Why Should You Care?

If you are brand new to the whole native advertising scene then it would make sense for you to be unaware of MGID. However, if you’ve been running native ads for any length of time and still don’t know about these guys… congratulations, you’ve just stumbled upon a potential goldmine!
This is one of the originals, they’ve been around a long time and it’s because of this fact you can be sure you’re dealing with real professionals who know their stuff. So many brand new ad networks pop up all the time only to promptly crash and burn, this field is extremely cut-throat and that only means the absolute best of the best rise to the top.
MGID is without a doubt among the best of the best… And here is why-

All it takes is a deposit of $500 into your ad spend account to qualify for their full service campaign management option. (If you are just starting and don’t want to spend that much there is another option I’ll explain in a sec)
Some other networks won’t even allow you to apply for an account unless you spend twice that or more, and they don’t even promise such an option!

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