Coin Master Rewards (Unlimited Spins & Coins)

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Special Currency:
Spins are the premium currency of the game. You need to earn Spins in the game so that you can play slots as it is the vital source of earnings. Listed below are the ways to earn Spins in the Coin Master game:

Each hour you can earn five spins for free of cost.

 If you want to acquire additional Spins then you can buy them from the game store with legal tender.
  • You can even make use of hacks to acquire Spins instantly.
  •  Depending on what you achieve on the slot machine, you can earn Spins. For instance; if you get 3 lightning icons then you will earn 10 Spins as rewards.

  • Unlock new villages by progressing to the advanced stages of the game. This will let you earn more amounts of rewards.

  • Make as many friends as possible on social networking sites. You can send and receive in-game currencies from your friends through Facebook. In a day, you can receive and send currencies to one hundred FB friends.

  • Invite new friends on FB to play the game. Whenever someone accepts your invite, you will earn 25 Spins as a reward.

  • You can get connected with the gaming developers through FB and know about various contests that are held online. These will let you earn lots of Spins. Or just use our Coin Master Hack 2019 to get Spins!

Commencement Of The Game:
Your main motive in the game is to build several villages and progress quickly. In the beginning of the Coin Master game, you have to construct your first village by tapping on the building icon. There will be 75,000 Coins deposited in your gaming account. Everything requires in-game currencies so you need to spend them wisely.

The first and foremost thing that you can purchase for your village is a house, as that is the only thing available for sale. Rest all other items are unlocked and will be gradually locked as you keep reaching advanced stages of the game. If you are an owner of a pet then ensure that you provide pet food to it. You can buy pet food from the game shop with in-game currencies.

The game is extremely addictive and requires you to log in each hour to get five free spins. Once you get into the gaming mood, no one will be able to stop you from playing. So, it is advisable to start playing the game only if you have lots of free time on hand.

Whenever you construct an item for your village, you will earn one Star. Ensure that you keep collecting as many Stars as you can because they are very helpful in the game. As soon as you acquire 20 Stars, you will be able to unlock the next village. For that our Coin Master Cheats Hack is always ready to help as well.

Using The Slot Machine:
Slot Machine is an integral part of the game. You have to spin the wheel on the slot machine for acquiring rewards; such as Coins, Attack, Raids, Shields, etc. As you can spin only five times in an hour, you should try to login to the game each hour for acquiring the five spins. The Spins will not get accumulated for the next hour, so log in to the game periodically. Listed below is the vital information on some of the icons that you acquire on the Slot Machine:

ü Attack Icon: When you get an attack icon on the Slot Machine, you can attack other gamers’ villages and loot them. In this way, you will be able to earn plenty of in-game currencies.

ü Coin Icon: If you get the Coin icon then it denotes that you will get free Coins to progress in the game. The number of Coins that you acquire will be mentioned on the Slot Machine.

ü Shield Icon: When you receive a Shield icon in the spin, your village can stay protected from the attacks of other gamers.

Collecting Cards:
As you keep progressing in the game, you can unlock new villages and earn Cards. Keep an eye on the Cards that are been recently introduced in the game by tracking them through social media sites. Excessive Cards can be traded for some other varieties by joining the trading group that has been created for online portals like Facebook.

The Cards are broadly divided into Rare and Common ones. Sugar Rush, Lemon Pie, etc. are some of the Cards that you can acquire in the game. You can even procure various Cards while raiding other villages. Your main criteria should be to collect several Cards to complete your set. As soon as you complete the set, you will be able to unlock the next village. Keep collecting them so that you can progress quickly in the game.

Keep A Watch On The Leaderboard:
The easiest way to know the name of players that have acquired plenty of trophies in the game is by checking on the leaderboard. In the leaderboard, you can gain information on various players of each country that have earned the highest amount of Stars. You can even have a look at their villages to know more about their achievements. This will enable you to learn various tricks of the game. It will even motivate you to reach the advanced stages of the game as well as attract you to raid on the best players of the Coin Master game.

Final Words:
To conclude, the Coin Master Game can be enjoyed by all ages and has the capability to keep you occupied with your gaming gadgets for several weeks. However, you might get tired of spinning the wheel repeatedly, and for that, you have the auto-spin feature. When you activate this feature, the slots will get rolled mechanically. This feature will let you enjoy the game while lying back on your couch. Moreover, the gaming developers keep adding new stuff to the game, which makes it all the more engrossing. So, try our Coin Master Cheats now and become the strongest Viking around.
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